Vierge Noire proposes development tools in PHP
To facilitate the work of our fellow developers.
We strongly believe in Test Driven Development
And long lasting achievements.


Vierge noire is inspired from the works of ancient knowledge. From all time, men gathered together with the intention to serve a sustainable society through their achievements. Ingenious creators built bridges and buildings that served and inspired both the material and subtle aspects of life.

Without pretending to belong to any of these schools of the ancient times, developers at Vierge Noire share an interest in messages left in the past for future generations.

CakePHP Fixture Factories

An alternative approach of managing test fixtures in a CakePHP application. The main idea is to provide fixture factories in replacement to the fixtures you can find out of the box in CakePHP.

Test database cleaner

A framework agnostic package to clean dirty tables between each test in a PHPUnit test suite.

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